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Training Program for FMCG segment: Retail Category Management

1. We will cover:

  • Classical ECR 8 steps category management method.

  • Simplified approach implementing category management.

  • Systems and procedures which must be developed before implementing category management (inside meetings, reports, structure of the Commercial department).

  • Cooperation with suppliers, FBN (fact-based negotiations).

Practical exercises:

  • Detailed analysis of 2-3 categories based on client’s and market data.

  • Recommended assortment and price adjustment in a specific category.

2. Additional info:

  • Audience: top management, employees of commercial and marketing departments, regional and store directors.

  • Group: up to 20 persons.

  • Place: client's choice.

  • Length: 2 days (14 hours; theory - 9 hours, practical exercises - 5 hours).

  • Language (by choice): Russian, English, Lithuanian, Latvian.

3. About lector (Ivars Kraučūns):

  • Ivars has worked in different leading positions in retail more than 15 years in 5 different countries (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine). He has been Commercial department director in international holdings like ICA and REWE. Last 7 years worked as a Commercial director and CEO and successfully implemented category management in different retail chains in Ukraine and Belarus. Based on his experience Ivars has developed his own unique training program for retail companies. This program is made for companies which are willing to improve its category management process even if there are a few or non-experienced category managers in their team.

4. Price:

  • 5000 euro without VAT, plus travelling costs.

5. Get in touch:


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