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Retail IQ team has executed more than 120 different consulting projects in Central Europe, Ukraine, Kazakstan, India, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan and other countries. 

Turnaround and development of retail chain, three-year project

We helped:

  • Within one-year gross margin increase by 3,5 p.p., annual effect about 7 mil. USD

  • EBITDA margin increase twice within one year

  • Reduce inventory turnover by 15 % and increase trade liabilities turnover by 5 days, annual cash flow effect about 2,5 mil. USD. Solve slow-moving inventory issue

  • Increase market share by 10,5 %

  • Implement loyalty program in six months, and achieve sales value penetration of 60% and customer penetration of 50% in one year

  • Implement two and one re-brand private labels, about 82 SKU’s and achieve 2% of total sales

  • Start own import, achieve 9% of sales in one year

  • Improve own production assortment and quality, increase sales and profitability

  • Optimize headcount and employee cost: store personnel, administration, support functions (about 15%)

  • Implement category management process

  • Change existing internal processes, make decisions faster and more informative, reduce bureaucracy, implement effective controls, develop fast and transparent reporting

  • Upgrade information systems, start using more functionality in day to day work

  • Improve tenant mix in shopping centers, increase leasable area

  • Develop new store design and remodel existing stores

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Performance improvement of retail chain, one-year project

We helped:

  • Commercial terms with suppliers improve by about 3,3 p.p. Centralize all beverage suppliers, take out various obligations to suppliers, increase price for promo space several times

  • Reduce purchase price of many materials and services for own use about 10-20%

  • Decrease inventory turnover by 5 days

  • Reduce Out of Stock by 28%

  • Increase GMROI by 26,5%

  • Identify joint buying synergies within group

  • Reduce headcount and employee cost, especially in administration. Implement flatter organization structure, reduce many positions in top and middle management

  • Start active work with overdue debts, idle assets and slow-moving inventories, significantly reduce their level

  • Improve terms of rent agreements

  • Solve most of technical and IT problems in stores

  • Implement new store layout in eight stores with minor investments. Payback from 6 to 18 months

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Other projects

Production efficiency increase and administration structure optimization of parquet floor producer

  • We helped increase production volume by 25% and employee productivity by 28% and reduce administration and support functions headcount by 26%. Project duration – three months.


Outsourced negotiations with suppliers

  • On behalf of our client, we managed the process of negotiations with the supplier of goods and performed most of the negotiations directly. We helped retail chain close negotiations with 675 clients comprising about 90% of total annual purchase value and increase discounts on average of about 1,6%. Project duration – six months.


Development of store layout and design

  • The retail chain decided to launch new store format – supermarket (sales area about 3000 sq. m.). We developed the modern layout of premises and equipment, interior design concept and detailed plan, design concept of building exterior and territory, including parking and traffic. The store was opened in March 2019. Project duration – two months. 


Process optimization in a regional retail chain with high competition level

  • We have finished a full analysis of business state and main retail indicators for a small retail network. After data collection, we have established and implemented organizational changes, provided business optimization recommendations, developed new floor layout that had allowed store lower employee expenses by almost 8%, decrease turnover of imported goods, increase the store floor efficiency. Project duration – five months.

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